Well, it’s been a long time since I posted.  Part of that is because there have been some very big decisions going on in my brain, and I didn’t like to lie by omission.  I’m writing this from the departures lounge at Logan – I’m flying home to the UK to start work with my home company again.  A job opportunity presented itself which combined with wanting to spend more time with family, and with the kind of bizarre arrangement that only turns up once in a while, the tenants announced they were moving out, a car became available at an irresistible price, and the job opportunity all came along within the same few weeks.  Must be fate!


I don’t know if I’ll be in the UK forever – I have loved my time in the US, and I can see myself moving back here someday, but for now I am excited to spend time with family, friends at home, and to travel Europe (yes I already have some travel guides…!).  When I’m not feeling quite so emotional I’ll blog some extra entries to fill you in on what I have been doing for the past six months (I’m such a bad blogger this year…).  As a preview, it includes San Diego Comic-Con, the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas (I won’t be sharing any video of that, as ALL of it has me shout/singing over the top very badly), Lady Gaga at Fenway, a fabulous trip to DC and Virginia (including Shenandoah) and much much more.  How’s that for advertising?


But for now, it’s so long Boston.  I’m trying very hard not to cry in the lounge, so I’m getting some very odd looks.  Plus the guy who helped me with my bags just stood next to me glaring until I tipped him, which is something about the US that I won’t miss (together with gun crime and race relations…  Oh, and Mr Trump!!).  Still, there are worse things to do than sit looking out on the city waiting for a business class boarding call.  I’m not so excited about dealing with my 4 massive checked bags at the other end, I’ll admit…


And no, the blog won’t be changing it’s name.  I went to Boston – just because I came back, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!!  So long for now, USA…

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