Busy Season Strikes Again…

I think this kind of sums up this winter…  It’s a beautiful day outside – bright sunshine, blue sky…. and absolutely freezing.  As in wet-hair-freezingly cold (my hair crunched today after my post-run shower as I made for the T…).  But as always, we continue with the work (lots of work) and fun (actually, lots of fun too).  More on that later…


Obviously there’s been another big gap – sorry about that!  I was working on a public client year end audit and getting my other clients all ready to go out in the field.  I currently have 3 in the field, with two about to do planning (in two weeks), before being in the field during April, and another that has been lingering since September which we are trying to finish.  Lots of fun, games, and weekend working!  But there has been some time for fun as well.  For example….


A LOVELY dinner at Ten Tables with Meghan – we had the ‘chef’s choice’ dinner, which is 4 courses of whatever the heck the chef fancies giving you, which was delicious.  Far too much wine drunk, which (combined with two of the ‘large’ glasses of wine at The Palm after work the following Friday) led me to give up alcohol for Lent.  Which can only be a good thing.


Last weekend a group of us went to Disney on Ice at the TD Garden.  It was very silly but we all had busy-season brains, and it was great fun, as evidenced below:

Yes, that is a giant octopus…. watch Finding Dory if it is unfamiliar!


And then there was this weekend – after brunch at a dim sum place (very strange…  I learned that my limit on food adventurousness is chicken feet… yuck), I went to the North East Comic-Con solo (some friends dropped out/declined to accept).  No, I didn’t dress up.  Yes I did get autographs.  It was BRILLIANT.  For those of you who don’t know, I used to have a mild (well….) teenage obsession with the show, ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’.  And one of the guests (besides the original Batman and Robin from the 60s show) was Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander on that show.  Of COURSE I had to go for his Q&A session, then get his autograph (plus one for a friend back home), which came with a free hug (still floating about from that one) and a photo (photo-ops at Comic-Cons are great!).  Evidence below:



Very exciting stuff!


Plus there was a panel Q&A of three guys who had worked on the Muppets with Jim Henson (one was a graphic artist who was the lead behind Muppet Babies, one was a puppeteer who was ‘Bear’ in ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’, and one was an editor/puppeteer whose most recent project has been ‘renovating’ the Gremlins which he has on loan from the creature shop….) – they had some GREAT stories about working with him, and it was absolutely fascinating.  Plus there was one of the Skeksis puppets, which I was able to take a look at.  From a distance, mind you.  When I refused to get within five feet of it, the guy showing me looked over, knowingly, and said “This gave you childhood trauma, right?”.  When I asked how he knew, he said it was amazing how many people had that issue….  To recap, they looked like this, and are taller than me by about a foot:




They also had an Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors, and some other, less controversial, puppets.


Anyway, it was a FANTASTIC day, and now I’m back at work.  On a freezing day, where my iPad randomly removed 3/4 of my running playlist from my downloads (I downloaded it all a couple of weeks ago, but the iPad decided I didn’t need it, so I listened to these same songs over and over for 30 minutes.  Not cool, Apple, not cool).  Ah well, onwards and…. well…. off to a Game of Thrones concert at the TD Garden, preceeded by Restaurant Week dinner at the Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  So I can’t complain too hard…!

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