Sun, sea and sand-blasting

Have you ever had your tankini-clad body blasted with sand for three hours?  No?  Well I’ve added that to my list of “things I never thought I’d do”today.  I’m on the Cape with Amanda, and it’s a bit breezy to say the least, so our sunbathing session had a bit of an unexpected side effect…


Still, today involved three hours of sunbathing, a pancake breakfast, my full 10,000 steps and a lot of fun and relaxation.  More of the same for the next three days as my lovely long weekend continues. It’s a trip to Nantucket tomorrow, so I’d best get some sleep… Night!

One thought on “Sun, sea and sand-blasting

  1. Romie says:

    Glad you’re having a good time. Sand blast? Look on the bright side. It was like a free body exfoliation.

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