Yes, yes you read that right.  That is what I spent most of my afternoon manhandling.  Watermelons.  We did a work community afternoon, and 30 of us headed over to the Boston Food Bank to do our part helping pull together packs of food for families living on the poverty line in the Greater Boston Area.


Well, we thought we would be pulling packs together.  In fact, the centre had received a bumper delivery of watermelons.  About 40 giant crates of watermelons, to be exact.  Our job was to split them down into boxes of 3-4 and stack them on pallets for distribution.  After two hours, let me tell you that watermelons get heavy…


Otherwise it’s been a standard week – after lunch at Marina Bay with some work friends, we deep fried two chickens on Saturday for dinner (because, hello, have you tried to find a non-frozen turkey in May?), which involved half the neighbourhood coming over to partake, with salads, rolls, lemonade, wine and cake (yes, Mum, cake, but it’s ok, I pointed it).  Then on Sunday it was oysters with a friend at Ten Tables (they do “Oyster Sunday’s” each week), and a significant amount of packing because, oh yes, I’m coming home on Friday for two whole weeks (plus a bit!).  Two weeks of family, friends and the Great British Weather.  Hooray!

2 thoughts on “Watermelons

  1. Romie Petronzi says:

    It’s a shame Patrick Swayze is dead. You’ll now never get the chance to meet him on a packed dance floor and tell him that you carried a watermelon.

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