Yesterday was Nantucket day – we caugh the 8.30am fast ferry from Hyannis and arrived on the island at 9.30am.  It was a glorious day, and (after going on a mission to refill my camelback water reservoir that had leaked all over my car… Mm berry flavored car) we picked up our rental bikes and started pedaling for Siasconset, a little town on the east coast. 8 miles away, in 80 degree heat.  We did it, and had a very nice sandwich lunch in the shade. Then we pedaled back the more circuitous route… 11 miles! Some lovely lighthouses, views… And hills, pot holes and heat.  A long ride back, but when we made it back to Nantucket there were ice creams, so that made things better.


After some exploring of the town, we got the 4.15 ferry back and proceeded to nap most of the way. We tried to walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner, but the wait was an hour 45 minutes (no thank you!). so we headed back to the hotel for the car and drove for a place a little further away. Well worth it, we had a great dinner with lovely drinks, food, atmosphere and waitstaff.


And then today we went to the gym/pool before heading out. We are off to Provincetown today for lunch, which should be entertaining!

Sun, sea and sand-blasting

Have you ever had your tankini-clad body blasted with sand for three hours?  No?  Well I’ve added that to my list of “things I never thought I’d do”today.  I’m on the Cape with Amanda, and it’s a bit breezy to say the least, so our sunbathing session had a bit of an unexpected side effect…


Still, today involved three hours of sunbathing, a pancake breakfast, my full 10,000 steps and a lot of fun and relaxation.  More of the same for the next three days as my lovely long weekend continues. It’s a trip to Nantucket tomorrow, so I’d best get some sleep… Night!