Sigh.  It has been over a week since we filed the financials for the big client.  It was a very long few weeks (not, I might add, nearly as long as the run was in prior years on the other big client, but still long and challenging) and last weekend was mostly spent relaxing (although I made it to brunch, the cinema (please see ‘Burnt’ if you get the chance – 1.) Bradley Cooper; 2.) Beautiful food; and 3.) It’s set in London, so I got to say ‘Been There’ with monotonous regularity) and participated in the consumption of a deep fried turkey, which is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives…


This week we are working to get the files archived away, plus picking up all the other bits and bobs which slipped into the ‘non urgent’ pile during the other job, and which have now been upgraded.  Plus I am starting packing/writing Christmas cards/packing, which is rather lovely.


Back to work I go, but I wanted to check in and point out that I am still alive over here!

The Final Countdown

We are in the final stages of counting down to filing this thing.  After the VERY tight deadline and turnaround, some very late nights (an 18 hour workday yesterday – 8am to 2am), a LOT of stress, plus some great teamwork and jokes, we are nearly ready to sign off and be done with this.  And get our evenings and weekends back, of course…


Two and a half weeks until Florida!