Counting down to the weekend

This week is dragging.  I’m not sure why… maybe it’s the heat – I can’t let my hair down at the moment as it’s so hot and humid it ends up in a giant frothy cloud around my head, expanding nearly a foot.  It’s not a good look.  And no, I am not going to post any photos.


Happily, there are thunderstorms forecast for tonight, so it should ease off a little.  Well, a degree or two.  It’s meant to be glorious weather over the weekend, so the Lobster Festival (complete with evening entertainment and races going on – not that I’ll be running anywhere other than towards the food tent…) and general sightseeing in Maine should be a good time.  Fingers crossed it’s all fun, and not too manic!


Keep everything crossed for a good storm in the next hour or so…!!

Checking In

Happy Tuesday one and all…  Not too much to report (although I did go to the gym BEFORE WORK yesterday, so obviously deserve a medal…  I didn’t make it again today, sadly, but that was my own fault and I wish I had, so will be doing so tomorrow) other than my having found a gym which is like an oasis in Chestnut Hill – it has a spa pool, steam room, sauna, MASSIVE changing rooms with loads of mirrors and hairdryers and FILMS that you can watch while you are cycling…  It’s amazing.


And I actually, you know, did training stuff there rather than just looking at it all.  Go me.


So hungry…  Roll on the Maine Lobster Festival this weekend!

Boats, views and yowch…

… In that order. We had our office outing on a tall ship last night (the Liberty Clipper, if you are interested enough to Google it – it’s beautiful), complete with food, drink, and stunning views of sunset and beyond. Oh, and a raffle for some Patriots tickets in September which I WON!! That never happens…. Evidence of boat and views below:








Naturally drinks followed but due to the presence of various partners (not normally any indicator of behaviour levels) and two representatives from HR who happened to be in the area (very much an indicator of behaviour levels… Although the majority of staff just found a different pub…) everyone seemed to be remarkably and unexpectedly well behaved!

As an aside, I went into “Kane’s” yesterday. For the first time when they had anything on display – I’ve been in one other time too. On neither occasion did I purchase anything, nor was anything purchased for me or for sharing with me. I am very proud, and to ensure you are too, behold the merchandise…



As for the “yowch”… It’s changeover day for the tooth aligners. The first changeover (I’m now on set 2 of 25, so next week I’ll be 5% of the way there!). Based on internet research (which, while helpful, was pretty much equivalent to using the Reader’s Digest health manual, and we know how that goes don’t we, Dad?) my teeth *shouldn’t* fall out, although they may feel sore enough to do so. Ergo I’m dosed up on painkillers and am planning to sleep through the worst of it. Currently they just feel tight, but from last time there will be pain in a few hours. Hopefully I’ll be blotto by then!

Happy Weekend, All!

Lazy Days

Well, while the weekend will be a lazy one, this week has been anything but lazy! I’ve been to two concerts – U2 at the TD Garden, and Billy Joel at Fenway (photos below of the second), and it has proved one main thing… I am too old to deal with two nights of big gigs in a row! Woe, woe, woe…

Anyway, before I get on with the process of getting up and getting to the cinema (did you know that it only costs $5 if you go before midday?? Bargainous, Mrs Piggonzi would be so proud!), followed by grocery shopping, cleaning, washing (I’m told that it’s vulgar and American to say “laundry”) and general tidying up (I’m a rock star, I know – I’ve already dealt with HSBC on the phone today…), here are a few photos of the concerts:

U2 (highlight for me was “With or Without You” – strong Friends memories!):


Billy Joel – great fun at Fenway Park!

(Can you see my braces?? I can’t… One week down, only 49 to go!).



All in all, a very good week. I just need a bit of a lie down now…

Teeth, the sequel..

Still weird. But getting more acceptable. After the first night when I thought it had been a horrible mistake (honestly I’m not sure why I didn’t expect some pain… Teeth are being moved, for crying out loud), I’ve been getting used to them. And it will all be worth it. And you really can’t see them, AND I can take them out for eating and anything important (as long as I have them in between 18 and 22 hours a day).

In other news, they are filming the new “Ghostbusters” film in the Financial District, which is quite exciting. Also, if you haven’t seen “Inside Out”, do. It’s a very good watch.


So, they are on. And they aren’t obvious if you don’t know they are there. I think. But they feel weeeeeeeird. And I have to keep them in for 18-22 hours a day (I take them out to eat). Currently I keep going onto autopilot and trying to chew through them…

Time will tell…!


I went to the gym today, for a session with the personal trainer. I am going to hurt a lot tomorrow…

Tomorrow is a bit of a scary day, actually. Well, a big day. I’m getting Invisalign fitted, which will help to sort out my teeth – things have been getting rather crowded for a while, and this will space things out to where they should be (don’t worry, they won’t look like scary American teeth… I don’t have enough of them for that!!). It’s got to the point where I’m noticing it in photos (the way my front teeth are placed, if the light hits my face wrong it looks like one is missing…) and it makes me self conscious about smiling, on occasion. And, as you all know, i smile a lot, so I’m fixing it.

Stay tuned for ranting while I get used to the darn things…


I saw “Jurassic World” tonight at the SuperLux cinema with a friend. And it was very, very good (I recommend it!). However, I watched roughly a third of it from behind my hands, and spent a fair amount of time whimpering “oh that’s a REALLY bad idea” and “it’s going to eat him!!”. Fun times.

Naturally the gap under my bed and my wardrobe have both been thoroughly checked for raptors tonight. I’m never growing up…

Back to work…

So I’m back in Boston.  Which is, as it turns out, much hotter than LA was!  However, I’m working from home to get over the journey (I landed at 2am) and get some laundry (sorry, Romie, washing) sorted out ready for the week ahead, so it’s not too much of a shock.


My last day in LA was great – we went to Manhattan Beach, which was miles of pale sand.  It wasn’t terribly full as it was a bit overcast (I still tanned, though!) but we paddled in the Pacific and chilled out for a while.  Then we headed to a little restaurant just set back from the beach-front and had shrimp tacos before heading to the airport (which is crazy – I’ll never complain about the traffic at Logan or, frankly, anywhere else, again…).


Must go and get the washing out of the dryer…  Today is rather less glamorous than the weekend was!!