Following on from more serious things, I am off to Chicago this weekend for some relaxation… well, some touristy stuff.  And a LOT of walking, and all sorts.  It will be nice to be going somewhere that isn’t Detroit (I’m back there on Monday night, woop de doo), which isn’t actually that bad (so far).


Anyway, must finish off this afternoon.  Two files in lock-down mode and a barre class lead to a busy day!


So I’m back from Detroit, in the Boston office, across the bridge from the courthouse.  Across the bridge from where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the only living Boston Bomber, just got sentanced to death.  A lot of people are celebrating it, saying that he got what was coming.  It’s odd, having grown up in a country which abandoned the death penalty years ago, seeing how keen people are to kill this man.  As if his death will bring them closure, or make it right.


And maybe it will bring closure.  Three people died, a lot more were seriously injured, and the city took a hit in terms of it’s vulnerabilities – the marathon won’t be the same again, that’s for sure, and any other public event over here inevitably has a higher security presence.  But when I remember the IRA bombs set off in London when I was growing up, the extra security doesn’t seem so different from what we had at home.  People are learning the rules of ‘see something, say something’, which didn’t appear to be the case before – abandoned bags on a train platform will no longer be something that makes only the Brits nervy.  It was an awful thing, but people are learning to deal with it in the only way that works – carrying on, and keeping watch.


The city is still a friendly, open and welcoming place – that much will, I hope, never change.  But the sentance here just gives me a bad taste in my mouth – the prosecutors say he wanted to die a matyr, so surely this is just facilitating that?  Better to let him rot in a cell and be forgotten.  Surely that would be more fitting?  Happily it wasn’t up to me to decide, but I can’t help but hope that it gets changed to life imprisonment on appeal – one brother (who was, by all accounts, the mastermind of the operation) has already died – let the other live with the consequences, and show the world that the West is better than killing for vengeance.  Because that’s what this feels like – not justice, vengeance.

New places

I’m writing this in Detroit.  Honestly, it’s not a place I would ever visit, but I was picked up on an IFRS Conversion project (a change in accounting method, for anyone who has the red mist in front of their eyes that comes when I talk technical…) and this is where the client is.  We aren’t in the city, but I have been to one of the restaurants that the Lonely Planet recommends.  It’s a burger joint, it wasn’t that exciting…


But it’s a bit of an adventure, and I’m off to Chicago at the weekend (before flying back to Detroit on Monday night…  This was a much more relaxing month when I wasn’t on this project!), so I can’t complain!  I am about to eat something called an ‘unwich’, however (a sandwich with lettuce instead of bread… hmmm), so my day may not be about to improve…  Think of the points, think of the points, think of the points…


… April turned into a bit of an issue. It went crazy, and, once again, things are just calming down. But, this weekend I had my first weekend with nothing to do for a long time. Naturally, I spent it tidying, clearing my room (new unit in there now, hooray!), and seeing the new Avengers film. It was marvelous!

This weekend I have my first visitor of 2015 arriving, which will be spectacular. And tomorrow I’m off to Opening Night at the Boston Pops! How exciting! A bit of culture, can’t wait!