A Summary

1.) I am a bad blogger who takes ages to write things when she is busy.  Sorry.


2.) To be fair, one of the things keeping me busy was a trip to the UK to surprise my Dad on his 75th birthday weekend, so I think that makes me marvelous rather than bad, really…


3.) Work is insane.  INSANE.  I shouldn’t be writing this now, but if I don’t I’ll have guilt, and if I have guilt it will be a bad day…


4.) The thaw is FINALLY happening properly.  It hit 50 degrees Fahrenheit today (look it up, I’m too busy to convert it…).  Ergo the duvet coat has a day off and I am in my spring coat.  SPRING.


5.) St. Patrick’s Day weekend is coming up – which means everything is turning green in Boston.  It’s a bit weird.


6.) I need to get back to work…  You will hear much more from me in April – promise!