Hooray!! Believe it or not there was a big melt over the weekend, and the sun came out for the first time in February. Sadly it didn’t last long, and now everything that melted (a few inches off the top of the six foot high snow piles…) is frozen in sheets of ice all over the streets. Which makes for some interesting walking conditions…

Snow, Stairs and Sssssstir Craziness

This Saturday I took part in an event called ‘Fight for Air Climb’ – it’s for the American Lung Association, which does research for lung conditions and lung cancer, and involved climbing One Boston Place – this building has 41 stories, and looks like this:


The big one in the background.  It’s big.  And I (and a team) climbed it in 28 minutes.  Well, I climbed it in 28 minutes.  Some of the others were much faster, but we were all brilliant and raised a good amount of money for research into lung conditions, with me climbing in memory of my darling Auntie Lis.  This is the triumphant team who completed the challenge (technically the picture was taken before we set out… ergo we look rather less sweaty than we did at the end):



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In other news…  As it turns out, we are in the middle of a ‘weather event’.  Boston just passed the record for the most snow in 30 days.  And it’s not even been a full 30 days of proper snow.  We are over 60 inches now.  60.  Inches.  INCHES.  That is a lot.  A HUGE amount.  To the point where words just simply aren’t enough…  So here are some photos to demonstrate just how crazy things are over here right now:




That is someone’s front garden.  Seriously.



My car, pre digging out!!




Weather Related Despondancy

So the Patriots won the Super Bowl.  Which was nice.  There was a parade through downtown today – all very nice for people who don’t work…


Sadly we had another foot of snow over the weekend, which has taken up residence on top of the last lot creating a big mess.  There are piles up to five or six feet high on the corners of streets, and the roads are a disaster with frozen slush and ick all over them.  I was a bit of a wuss yesterday and waited for a plow to come and rescue my car.  However, it didn’t come, so this morning I ended up digging my car out more emphatically.  Happily someone came to help me actually get my car out of the space it was stuck in.  As in they had to drive it for me.  The shame…


Another two feet are forecast over the next week.  I have seriously started looking at flights back to The Bahamas…

Superbowl Sunday

Well, it’s that time of year. We are getting up to another foot of snow tomorrow and the superbowl is on the tv.  The New England Patriots are in it, so it’s a bit of a big deal…

High tensions here….. I’m going to get a refill of my drink!