Tonight we say hello to Juno. The storm. Which is already being touted as “historic” despite not having dumped more than an inch on us as yet…. When the forecasters give up on the inches predictions and start talking in feet (it happens after 24inches, FYI), you know you could be in trouble.

Happily the office is closed tomorrow, so it’s all about staying warm and safe. Plus there is a state-wide travel ban, a parking ban on arterial roads, public transport is all closed and the schools are closed. So we are all home until it lifts. On the plus side I have a bottle of rum and some chocolate buttons. On the downside I have a load if work to do, so the rum will have to wait. Sigh.

New Additions

I like hearing good news – like the news that one of my best friends has a new baby girl.  And that is very good news!  It also means I have an excuse to put a parcel together…  Which is great fun!  I’ve been sending congratulatory vibes across the Atlantic all day, and hopefully things are going well in Buckingham!


In other news, Boston is cold.  So cold that on Saturday, myself and my lovely cousin (visiting for a conference at Harvard, don’t you know) were standing on the pond in the Public Garden, as it has frozen solid.  It was marvelous!  I’ll include some pictures soon, but it was a very random experience that I hope I get to repeat!  The Charles River is also frozen over (no walking on that, thank you very much!), and looks amazing.  Winter here is fantastic… it’s just a pain that it tries to take your face off with the cold air.


And in other other news, the Patriots are through to the SuperBowl.  Which is BIG news if you are an American Football fan.  Which I am not… Well…. not hugely.  I did guess every winner correctly one week in our football pool, but that was spectacularly more luck than judgement.  And a fluke.  And did I mention it was more luck than judgement?  It did, however, mean that a lot of the boys got rather twitchy about it, and kept asking if I had a new boyfriend because how else would I get it right.  Harumph.  Anyway, the next two weeks’ lead-up to the ‘big game’ are going to involve a lot of New Englanders getting quite impossible over this.  And it’s going to be quite fun to watch…


Congratulations to the Piggonzis once again – can’t wait to meet the new addition (over Skype, if necessary!)!

Work work work

Well I’m back from Texas, and am finally (fingers crossed) getting over the cold that has been stalking me since Boxing Day. However, all I saw of Texas was the conference center, two bars and a BBQ restaurant (a very good one, I have to say, but still). What does that mean? Oh yes, folks, busy season is here again, and it’s going to be epic…

Still, I’ve managed to have dinner at home every night this week, which is an achievement at this point. AND I’ve stuck to healthy eating for three whole days! We will see if it makes a difference on the scales this weekend…. I may have to actually do some proper exercise…

Never mind the fact that the cold has set in. The kind of cold that brings out the ear warmers that men seem to think will do the job of a proper hat. I’m just wearing as many layers as possible and hoping for the best. They said on the news this morning that we are about a foot behind where we were on snow last year. Now if that doesn’t jinx us I don’t know what will!