Home again

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas/Happy Holidays! I’ll be in the UK until the New Year, so stay safe and hope to catch up with my British readership over the next couple of weeks!

Sitting in Logan airport waiting to board. Cross everything for an upgrade, but it’s not looking good… Never mind! I get to hang out with my family in around eight hours, so I’m not complaining!! Although after 6 hours in economy I might be…

Happy Holidays everyone!


Well, Boston certainly isn’t The Bahamas…  We’ve had horizontal rain, ice and snow in the past week.  Naturally the horizontal rain day was when our fire alarms decided to go off, so we had to evacuate into the street…  I have never seen so many people weigh up the option of death by fire vs taking the time to put on a coat!


It’s been a good week – busy but good, and things are getting done.  It will be quite liberating to get to the weekend and not have any client calls to field, so I can actually focus on getting through as much additional work as possible before I fly home for Christmas.  Naturally this weekend will also involve a fair amount of wrapping presents and trying to pack…  This could go horribly wrong!


Apparently it’s going to freeze tonight, so I’d best get finished on my work so I can head home to keep warm.  Another 20 minutes and I’m out of here!  Hooray!


I’m writing this on the last night (booo) of my stay at The Cove, Atlantis, in the Bahamas. It’s been three days of luxury, sunshine, spa, water park, amazing food and relaxation.  Just what was needed.

To make you jealous, here’s the view from my balcony…..



Going back to Boston is going to be a shock…