Back at the airport…

… For wedding number two of the summer! A two hour delay means we won’t be flying until around half past midnight, but I am hoping that gives me a fighting chance of getting some sleep, with my noise canceling headphones and new pillow. We will see…

Very excited to be part of my oldest (and longest suffering) friend’s big day – now if people can just be ready with coffee and fizz whenever I start to flag, that would be great!

I suppose I should keep checking the news… Something seems to be going on in Scotland…


A red-eye flight (connection worked perfectly AND my bag arrived in Boston, thank goodness!) followed by an ill advised “brief nap” which lasted five hours (I got in at 5.45am) followed by jet-lag related sleep deprivation leads to a big bump back to work.

However, I did manage to sort out changing my return flight this weekend (second bridesmaid duty of the summer, this time for my very longest suffering friend) so that I fly to JFK rather than Boston. Because I’m due at a conference on Monday. Oh yes, I’m one of *those* people…

Back to reality

After two weeks of fantastic adventures with my fabulous family, it’s time to head back to Boston.  I’m waiting in the commuter terminal at San Diego to board the flight to LAX where I connect with my flight home.  It’s a 40 minute change… Keep everything crossed for smooth sailing!

In summary, California is AMAZING.  Obviously I am not overly keen on going back to work on Monday.  Sigh.  I suppose it couldn’t all be wine, Mustang convertibles and excitement, I suppose?

Things learned in the California sunshine

1.) We are being very lucky with weather…


2.) 20 miles is a long way to cycle I’d you are not used to it;

3.) I am spectacularly not used to it;

4.) Always wear lots of Sun cream when cycling in gorgeous sunshine;

5.) And reapply it at lunchtime;

6.) Or you go stripey…; and

7.) While it was an AMAZING day, I am really not built for cycling at the moment.  Has anyone got any painkillers?