Hello from California

Greetings from my rather lovely (if strangely set up) San Francisco hotel room.  Things I have learned today include:

1.) Having spent six hours on a plane to get here, I realize that I do forget how big this country is…;

2.) Sharing airport transport with impossibly camp men who won’t stop making phone calls about “America’s Top Model” is hysterical, especially when both you, the driver, and all the other passengers are trying not to laugh; and

3.) Always let my sister pick the hotels – she is very good at it.

And now I’m off to bed…

Pre-birthday wisdom…

… Margaritas are bad/good.

Blues at the Boston Harbor Hotel is good, particularly out by the wharf.

Drinks with friends on the eve of your birthday are awesome. As are messages from those at home.

Tomorrow may hurt a little…

That is all.


It has been one of those days…  And while I have an amazing trip to California coming up a week tomorrow and a fabulous weekend coming, I need to vent a bit…


1.) On my third attempt to book a road test for my US license I was, again, told that there are no appointments available until October unless I am willing to drive to Springfield.  With my sponsor (I have a permit, I’m not allowed to take the test without a sponsor having driven to the centre with me…).  Who obviously has nothing better to do…  Take 4 is tomorrow morning at 9am, wish me luck…


2.) While trying to eat my salad with (no-fat) feta cheese and butternut squash this lunchtime, I managed to empty the entire thing into my lap, and onto my nice black skirt.  For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t until this lunchtime) feta leaves impressive white marks.  Which don’t look all that good when they are all over the front of your skirt and you have 90 minutes before you are due to be client-facing for an hour long meeting.  After trying to get them off with water in the ladies-room (I failed dramatically), I realised that the only way around it was to turn my skirt inside out and pretend nothing had happened.  So for the past 8 hours I have been walking around with my skirt inside out, trying to position my cardigan so that it doesn’t show…


3.) Facebook keeps showing me ads about getting my eggs frozen as ‘time is ticking on’.  I will say no more about this, but I am NOT IMPRESSED.


4.) Netflix recommended ‘Spice World – The Spice Girls Movie’ to me as a ‘based on your viewing preferences’.  For one thing, it’s like it doesn’t know me at all, and for another, I apparently really need to urgently change my viewing preferences.  Seriously.


5.) Due to me being the only person left in the audit room, the movement-sensor lights keep forgetting I am here.  So every 10 or so minutes I end up sitting in the dark waving madly to get the silly things to switch back on.


I need a drink…

Wednesday Wisdom

1.) There is nothing quite so sad as putting wet socks back on before they have had a chance to dry;


2.) It is possible to have a day of totally apocalyptic weather surrounded by days of perfect sunshine;


3.) On such a day of apocalyptic weather it is quite entertaining to watch people trying to use umbrellas out of your window;


4.) Needing to go out to get lunch in such apocalyptic weather is evidence of bad planning;


5.) Actually going out to get lunch and not only succeeding but getting something healthy while simultaneously not getting blown away makes one feel rather like a very small ninja…;


6.) Watching other people (who did not, I might add, bring raincoats, and who are having to deal with umbrellas) look sullen as they carry their shredded pieces of metal and fabric into the building can make you feel like karma is being kind to you; and


7.) The large lorry that then splashes through a puddle and drenches you, once you have stopped laughing, proves that karma is, in fact, a bit of a bitch…

They should get me my own chair…

Seriously, I am at Logan airport so much I should have a chair. Or a room. Or a lounge of my very own… Hmm perhaps that is pushing it…  Anyway, I’m currently waiting to board a Heathrow-bound flight for wedding one of this summer. I owe a lot of people emails (sorry Marg!!) and things have been a touch crazed over here, so it’ll be nice to have a change. Not that it hasn’t been good over here – it was performance discussion time, and it was all rather nice…  Plus I now have 4 career advisees, three of which requested to transfer to me (one I was assigned).  It’s good to be popular!

Now we just wait and cross everything for an upgrade….