It is Tuesday, and it is already a long week…  Last week got very exciting with the birth of a new Cooper baby (congratulations A!) who I can’t wait to meet, but was pretty much a work-fest.  Sadly I had forgotten quite how busy it can get…  amazing how the brain tends to block it out!


The weekend was, I’ll be honest, pretty spectacular.  There was Saturday, with a sandwich lunch on the Common with a good friend from work (with an Amish choir serenading us, complete with pamphlets asking if we had found Jesus… I assume they were Amish, based on what they were wearing, but I may be totally wrong) followed by a fantastic touring production of The Phantom of the Opera (where I discovered that I just can’t cope with the American accent when the word ‘past’ is sung… it’s not a nasal sound, it’s a long ah!  Urgh) and then chilling out at home with a movie.  Sunday was another day out with a work friend, with a lovely brunch at Back Deck followed by a trip to see the new Planet of the Apes film – not in the uber-posh cinema, but it was still rather nicer than CineWorld Bedford used to be (I am not sure how good it is now…).  So all in all rather lovely!


But this week has been crazy.  I have a couple of jobs trying to get to completion before the end of the month (it’s not going to happen, we don’t have the availability), and another which I need to get through the review on (that is viable, and questions are with the client so it’s not all on me).  Also my BIG job is kicking off for a quarter so that’s going on, and to top I have had my very first possible new client make contact.  Which is a HUGE compliment (breathe, breathe, breathe) and very exciting (couldn’t this happen when things were quiet??) and lovely, and I am THRILLED (the bosses seem to be pretty happy too which is nice!).  I do, however, need to get headshots done for bid documents, which is going to be hysterically bad…  Really quite concerned about this – my appointment at Target is booked, but it’s not going to go well (it’s due to be in the 90s this week, so the chances of my make-up not melting down my face are slim…  Hopefully the photographer will tell me!)…


Anyway, back to work, it’s only 7pm.  Another hour to go at least, then I can get off home. Hooray!  Little things.

Fun things

It has been a really good run of weekends.  And week-days, if I’m honest.  That is my excuse for not posting, and I am sticking to it!  There have been visits to beach clubs, trips out on tall ships in the harbor, a gargantuan amount of sushi, Beacon Hill shopping and bistro experiences.  With a trip to see Phantom of the Opera this weekend (touring production at the Boston Opera House – hooray!) and a possible trip to Martha’s Vineyard the weekend after (pending confirmation) July is shaping up to be a rather lovely month.


Now if I can only keep on the straight and narrow food-wise until wedding number one…  And then wedding number two…  Hmm maybe I can eat in October…


Photos to follow – I’m cheekily writing this at work, so the photos are spectacularly NOT on this computer.  They are on my personal computer.  The one with the broken charger (US Charger is working very well, thank goodness), and which is easily confused.  Especially when trying to update TomToms (3 hours to update maps and map-corrections last night… sigh) and iPods.  Anyhew, it’s time to head off from work, and it’s even still light outside – a win on a Tuesday!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Well, apologies for the long lag time between posts – I have had some important visitors of the parental nature, and a.) wanted to make the absolute most of my time with them, and b.) didn’t want to advertise to any particularly creative burglars that they were out of the country. So there.

Anyway, we had a great time, with adventures including Cirque du Soleil, waterfront dining, zip lining and lots of sunshine in Vermont. All of which I shall discuss in more detail when I have uploaded the photos (which will, honestly, be in the next couple of days), but today has been a bit exciting…

It’s the 3rd of July. And there is a hurricane called Arthur heading up the east coast towards us, arriving tomorrow. As a result, Boston’s 4th July Fireworks Spectacular happened tonight. Sadly there was also a storm coming from inland, so there was an evacuation from the Esplanade as the rain, thunder and lightening rolled in… Quite interesting to watch from inside with a glass of wine! Or water, if you forgot to buy wine like I did…

There were two firsts today – the first first was the discovery of Wegmans, a new supermarket in Chestnut Hill. The place I shall be shopping at from here on out. Amazing – a cheaper version of Whole Foods which appears to be very nearly as posh – lovely!

The second first was a trip to the Massachusetts Firearms School for a class called “Introduction to Shooting Handguns and Rifles”. It was a Groupon, and as “fire a gun” was on my list of things to do while I am over here, it was a good opportunity to tick something off. The class was great, with emphasis on safety (don’t worry Mum, the first rule was “don’t point the gun at anyone” with the second being “unless you are pointing the gun at a target away from people, you don’t touch the trigger”), and we all got to fire 4 guns/rifles on the range: a Ruger Mark III semi-automatic handgun, a Smith model 617 revolver, a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 semi-automatic rifle, and the “iconic” (per the website, where I am copying this from… You didn’t seriously expect me to remember all that did you?!) AK-47 semi-automatic rifle. Google search the company to see pictures of all four – the rifles looked a lot scary…

What I learned? Well, for one, an AK-47 is LOUD. For two, I much preferred the handguns. They were simpler, and easier to aim. And, to be honest, I didn’t do too badly with aiming for a first timer…:


Not bad, eh? Especially when you factor in that on the left I had 20 shots, on the right 15 (5 bigger from the AK-47), they all hit somewhere on the target paper, and I had a few which went through the same holes (the bigger ones – 5 bullets went through 3 holes – big fluke, but no-one has to know that!!). I was rather freaked out beforehand, just looking at the guns, but I feel a lot less scared now. Which was part of the point of the exercise. And it was a fun time, just probably not one I will end up repeating… Not just now, anyway!