Pretty major countdowns have been going on for a while now – one ends tomorrow (the other at the very end of August), and involves an exciting trip to Logan airport with a rather colourful sign… Hooray!

In other news I have a new tyre on my car, fitted my my landlord. Who took one look at me and decided letting me change it myself wasn’t an acceptable option, so fitted it himself. I’m not sure what it is about me that makes people think I’m a bit rubbish with car-related things, but I’m not going to complain! I’d have got covered in oil if I’d tried it, and probably strained something. So it’s much appreciated, and all good!

Anyway, off to bed before tomorrow. Possibly after watching a couple of episodes of “Orange is the new Black”…

More detail

Due to getting in after midnight last night, having spent two hours driving back from New Hampshire at 50mph or less, I wasn’t exactly able to share too much. I had an emphatically flat tire, so had to wait for AAA to come out and help me change it. Obviously ordinarily I would have girl-powered it, and changed it myself. However, I came to a halt on the side of a very dark road, and couldn’t see where to put the jack… rather than risking ripping part of the door-frame off my car, I figured I’d ask for help. Happily the friend I was meeting in NH came and waited with me for the truck to arrive, plus it was in a very affluent coastal area of NH, so we got to watch some people letting off floating lanterns. Of all the places to be stuck, it wasn’t too bad.

So it was a day of lovely lunches (including my first ever oyster experience – very tasty, whatever the Facebook reaction may have been!), shopping (two pairs of Levis for $40 – I love outlet shopping) and dinner with great people at a beach club by the sea. I could tell you more about it, but instead I’m going to add some photos and go to bed (I have a 7.30am breakfast meeting – which will be lovely, but why do I volunteer for such things?). Enjoy!





Beach Club fun:








A day of three states

From Massachusetts to New Hampshire to Maine and back again, today was a gorgeous sunny day with a lot of lovely food, shopping, and a rather unexpected requirement to utilise my AAA membership… More to come tomorrow, frankly I’m amazed I’m blogging at all… it takes a long time to drive back from New Hampshire when you can only do 50 mph!!

More to come tomorrow…


The DMV are RUBBISH!! I am trying to get an American drivers license so as to get cheaper insurance, so went down there with all my details. I queued for 50 minutes (I arrived at 12.50 for a 1pm appointment, and didn’t get seen until 1.40), only to be told that my lease is ‘invalid’ (I was using it to prove signature). Apparently it’s “old and expired”. The conversation went like this:

DMV: This is an old lease. It’s obviously expired.

Me: But it’s month-to-month.

DMV: It doesn’t say that specifically.

Me: Yes it does, see this part?

DMV: No, that’s not what that means. You can’t be living there.

Me: But I AM living there.

DMV: No you aren’t.

Me: But the credit card statement you took as proof of address shows the same address as the one on the lease, so clearly your procedures are happy that I live there, therefore it has to be a valid lease.

DMV: Nope.

DMV b*tch woman gives me a yellow form with ‘rejection’ written on it and circles a bit about ‘appropriate’ detail to bring, which includes a signed lease agreement…. For goodness sake…

I could’ve spent my lunchtime in MACY’S!!!!!! Not queuing with a lot of rather smelly people for an appointment with a very grumpy woman who hated me on sight… I was so angry about it I was actually shaking when I left the DMV!!

Came home in hope of a quiet one with a glass of wine, but a neighbor is over so I am hiding out in my room. Figures for today…

Bring on the sunshine

Frankly it would be nice if the sunshine stuck around – yesterday it was gorgeous and 86 (yes, I talk American temperatures now…). Today, it was miserable and in the 60s. Tomorrow it is due to be miserable and wet in the 60s also. Then Friday through Sunday it’s due to be hot and sunny again, so at least it’s promising for the weekend.

Another busy week (they all seem to be these days…) but this one has a countdown in it – it is now only a week (well, in the morning it will be) until I get some more lovely visitors, which I am very much looking forward to. I have a lot to get through before they get here, but it’s going to be so lovely to have them here!

Anyway, it’s time for bed. This was rather a ‘I’m still alive’ post, more than anything actually having happened… although I did walk round the pond yesterday evening, which was nice if a little creepy. And I did watch the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ – it did not do wonders for my relaxation, to be honest, with a twist ending that had me shouting at the iPad…

Night all!

Sunshine and Relaxation

After a bit of a sore head on Saturday morning (frankly be impressed I made it home in one piece – on getting into the cab and being asked for my zip code, my response was “Errrrr…” which doesn’t go down too well with Uber drivers…), followed by an epic fail at getting to boot camp (trust me, I’d have thrown up or passed out – neither would’ve gone down too well at the track!) and a fabulous resulting lie in, I have had a great weekend. It’s involved an impromptu nail-salon trip (colour change with A prior to her sunny holiday), a trip to the airport (taking A and her lovely family to the airport for their sunny holiday – the first time my car has had child-seats in it, and we all survived – even with the kids asking what the winders for the windows were… must get a car with more gadgets…), a trip to the posh cinema to see Maleficent (definitely worth a watch, but it has an irritating narrator) with DINNER at my seat, and some pretty epic Skyping/tidying/laundry-doing.

AND I even got my iPad keyboard to work – so rather than hitting the screen, I’m currently typing this on a proper Bluetooth keyboard. Which makes it inexcusable if there are any typos… So please feel free to mention any you find.

AND (and this is even better) I got ID’ed this weekend. TWICE!!! Once on Friday night before going into the bar, and once at the cinema last night (it’s a posh one and you have to be 21 to go in on your own – i.e. without adult supervision). Not bad…

Think happy thoughts for this week – I have an appointment on Thursday with the DMV, to try to get myself a US driver’s permit. As a non-resident (per my visa and per the DMV when I checked it with them) I can drive on my UK license for a period of one year each time I enter the country, which has been fine so far. But as I have an address and certain other things, I can also get a license, apparently. So I figured I’d finally get one so I can bring my insurance costs down. We’ll see how the tests go, it will be particularly embarrassing if I fail it…