… Are hard. We said goodbye to a key team member today, which was very sad. He will be very happy in his new role, though, of that I have no doubt. So it was sad for us, but happy for him. If you see what I mean…

Bit of a tough night for me. It’s always hard when you run into exes for the first time (having been assured he would arrive “late”, this turned out to be 8pm), and all the more so when they decide it would be nice to have a hug and a chat. But I managed, and a couple of his friends said they missed me an I should ignore him and go meet up with them anyway. Which was nice. And helped by the way a large number of my work friends decided to come and tell me how much they preferred me to him and forming a barrier to encourage me to stay out rather than wussing out and going home.

So a bit weird on a lot of levels. But ok. No more waking up crying, please. That has got old and weird, even if it just was last night.

Boot camp is going to hurt tomorrow…

Fun things…

1.) Getting jobs signed off and financial statements issued is awesome.  AMAZING, in fact.  Although I keep having more starting to fill in the gaps, so I certainly won’t be taking things too easy…;


2.) Going to working rehearsals of the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall is fun;


3.) Going to working rehearsals of the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall for FREE because you are a paid-up member of the Friends is even more fun (although, perhaps, should not be viewed as being free…);


4.) Going to concerts by the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall is also fun;


5.) Going to concerts by the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall with ACROBATS (Cirque De La Symphony) is even more fun;


6.) Watching the first four rows of the stalls recoil as a large, muscular, shirtless (rather beautiful) Russian gentleman leaps off the stage towards them before flying over them on red silk is, frankly, quite hysterical;


7.) Moving furniture is good for the soul, even more so if it is someone else’s;


8.) Drinking wine that is older than me is, also, quite fun (and rather nice, although rather more expensive than I would like);


9.) Having dinner with friends is also lovely, particularly when it involves a fabulous Italian restaurant in the North End where neither of you have been before (and a lot of the wine mentioned in point 8);


10.) Getting to a point where you can actually move after boot camp is also fabulous – progress!  Although if it leads to the optimistic purchase of a ’30 Day Shred’ DVD and some small weights, it may lead to more pain down the line….; and finally


11.) Having a 3 day weekend in sight is a VERY GOOD THING.


So squats hurt. Boot camp with squats = a whole world of pain, as it turns out… But it’s all in the name of getting to healthy, losing weight and preparing for biking the bridge in San Francisco in September. So that’s ok, even if I’m not able to move from the waist down…

Lovely weekend, with boot camp, a walk around the Pond, some shopping for healthy food, laundry, catching up on Game Of Thrones and a lot of Skyping. Monday is going to be a bit of a shock…

Friday Friday!!

It’s finally here… A Friday where I have no set plans for the coming weekend other than boot camp and cooking. It has been a long time coming. It has been magic having visitors, not so magic working through the weekends, and tiring working through a busy season which has been challenging for all sorts of different reasons.

So bring it on – sleep, spring cleaning and catching up on Game Of Thrones. Can’t wait!


Ding dong, the long job’s gone… Well, it’s signed off, barring the work we need to do to lock down the file. I feel like a whole new woman. Amazing what taking some pressure off can do!

Tonight was a work Sox game, which was great fun. Some cider was consumed, and now I’m home in my pjs. Which is rather lovely. Roll on the weekend of chilling!

Late nights

It has been a run of very long days. 11 in a row, in fact, preceded by even more. I’ve had some lovely visitors over the past few weeks (one is still here thank goodness and is counting down to a very chilled and fun weekend) and had a lot of fun (photos to follow… Including a picture involving me, four sailors and the Boston Red Sox…), but the workload has been something else. However, I certainly felt that I was able to manage things – perhaps not to the best standard, but I hope I kept everyone happy!

Tomorrow should be the final day of one particular countdown. It has been a nightmare, but if this one gets out of the way things can get a bit more relaxed. I might even get to socialize a bit! Who knows! Anyway, it’ll certainly be back to planning, so if anyone has any fun of random ideas for things they think I should try, I’m game!

Well, I will be game… Right now I’m just a bit sleepy… Being in the office until 11 pm (working, I wasn’t on Facebook chilling out you know) will do that…