It’s raining, it’s pouring…

… so, essentially, it’s back to reality with a bump.  Not that I mind, really – rain means it’s not cold enough for snow, which means I don’t have to wear the duvet coat for a while.  And three people so far have complimented my lovely asymetrical Calvin Klein spring coat (purchased back in October 2012 as a ‘winter’ coat – the hysterical laughter which followed me showing this to people led me to realise it probably wasn’t going to match up to the challenge of a New England winter…), so that is rather nice.


It’s been a weird week.  It was LOVELY to go home for the funeral (is that odd?) – to be able to be with my family and catch up with them even while it was such a sad occasion was really brilliant.  And we had a giggle as well – somehow all the Champagne disappeared (no idea how that happened) and there was a lot of wine consumed at the evening dinner.  Much needed all around, I think.  But then it was back to the US (no upgrades either way – I think I am picking the wrong flights…) and straight back into work (while not really being sure of what time it was – love jet lag).


It has been restaurant week (well, restaurant fortnight) out here – I went with a friend to Meritage on Wednesday, which was lovely.  As I had been hoping to go with the ex (obviously before he was an ex), it was lovely to go and have fun with a girlfriend instead – waiting around for someone to take me places isn’t really my style, and this restaurant is fantastic!  The menu is based around the type of wine you choose, so it’s very much my sort of place (no comment, Miss Struth).


Anyway, I am rambling – I drive down to Newport tonight for a bit of a rest, which will be rather lovely.  I’m staying in the same place I stayed in last year (although it looks like there will be a lot of rain this time, which I mysteriously avoided last time), so it’s all very familiar and comfy.  Then I get some spa time tomorrow afternoon, followed by take out mexican food, some wine and some very silly TV.  Perfection.


Oh, and I just managed to sneak up on one of my staff who had headphones in and make him jump by banging on the top of the wall of his cube…  He laughed, it’s ok.  I am a cool manager.  Or a bit too much in the ‘Friday Spirit’.  One of those…

Heading Home

Well, folks, it’s finally happened.  I’m getting deported – visa revoked, must be out of the country by midnight tonight….  Kidding.  Although that will be what I tell people when I dash out of the office at 6pm to catch my flight.  We’ll see who falls for it…


I’m actually heading home for a family funeral.  Yes, I know, if you hadn’t heard before you are sorry for my loss.  Everyone in the US is, apparently, very sorry for my loss.  Which is very nice of them, but the thing is it wasn’t just my loss, not even remotely – it was a loss for my whole family, which has made it that much harder (and is my excuse for not blogging for the past week and a half – it’s hard to address something which is affecting so many people all at once).  It has been so hard being over here while I know my family is in pain – it’s all well and good sending support via e-mail, text message and in the mail (sorry, Romie, in the post), but it’s not the same as giving someone a proper hug.  I’m just so glad that work have given me the nod to take the time to go and spend a few days with family – there wasn’t even any question about it.  I spoke to the lead partner and didn’t even have to ask, she just said ‘well of course, you’ll want to be at the funeral – just let us know when it is and we’ll make things work’.  People can be really kind.


It is odd to be looking forward to a funeral so much – I am excited to see my family, to be able to offer tangible comfort, and to be able to share stories and memories.  And toast those memories with the finest Champagne!  Just as is proper.


So in the next hour I shall be leaving for the airport.  Obviously cross everything for an upgrade…  But in general terms the past week and a half has not been empty – there was St Paddy’s day, which involved an unGodly amount of Irish Sausages in the house, and some *VERY* Irish music being played far too early on a Sunday morning; there was the morning I came out of my section of the house to go to work to find the elder son (10 years old) looking very confused asking where his family was (I didn’t know, he didn’t know, but his dad was still in the building being quiet and he was off school for an appointment – there was a lot of confusion…); there was receiving my stuff, at last, from my ex – requested 3 weeks ago, re-requested 2 days before it arrived, amazing what a little follow-up can do…; and there was a lot of time spent avoiding people who would be nice to me – nice makes everything harder, much better for people to be funny or entertainingly rude.


Anyway, I digress.  Happily it’s not snowing today.  It might even be above freezing (if you aren’t currently based in the NorthEastern United States or similar, you have no concept of how much we are looking forward to Spring right now), which is astonishing.  Hopefully they won’t have to de-ice the plane, on that basis…

Girl time

It has been a long week. For various reasons, but certain names coming up in conversation over dinner when a south american cocktail and glass of wine have reduced all defensive humor barriers to mush don’t help. However, after a work night out at Fogo de Chau (Brazilian steakhouse where they carve meat to your plate – there was nearly a meat coma involved…), today may have been slow but it was productive.

Then tonight I met a girlfriend at Stephanie’s On Newbury – we had some lovely wine, some fabulous food, and a lot of man-rubbishing. It was very therapeutic, frankly, and now I’m tucked up in my bed feeling pleasantly sozzled and full of scallops. All in all, a good Friday night. Lovely.

One month on

So…. it’s been a while.  Last time we spoke, I was bouncing up and down with excitement at the prospect of getting taken to Connecticut for a weekend away at a  food and wine festival with my boyfriend.  I was, to term the phrase, revoltingly excited about it.  And it was a lovely weekend – we had a genuinely great time.  Except that the day after we got back he ended things.  So there we are.


Most of you know how it’s been for the past month – with that, busy season and a lot of things happening back at home (including the added stress of my tenants deciding that they want to move out in the next month, and trying to engage an agent from 3,000 miles away), it has not been much fun.  Therefore I didn’t really feel it was fair to subject you to the hideously depressing entries of the newly-single and stressed – particularly when the ‘event’ happened just over a fortnight before Valentine’s Day.  Awesome.


However, I got to spend Valentine’s Day in an Irish pub with my land-family (as I call them in my head) and their friends – and it was great fun.  We had some great cider and lovely food, and it was brilliant!  Then I got to go to visit some friends from the UK in NYC, which was fantastic (although I now know that spending 4.25 hours on a train is NOT the best way to spend your hangover after a SPECTACULAR night out, whether or not it involved the most impressive rooftop bar views ever seen (this one did)).  And last week I went to the aquarium with A and her kids, which was great fun (I also got to feel what it is like to be pushing a stroller (buggy, sorry, buggy) with a screaming child in it down a street, and have people glower at you – I’d like to see them try it!).


There has been snow, and snow, and more snow, and we have all dealt with it remarkably well.  Obviously there has been a fair amount of whining about it, but we dug out our cars and carried on.  I also have perfected my parallel parking capabilities (perfected = generally able to do this if there is no-one watching) and got going on my diet (the ‘misery diet’ is an effective starting point).  Spring finally seems to be just around the corner… until this morning, that is, when the forecasters predicted more snow for the weekend.  Marvellous.


There have been a lot of tears over the past month.  And I know that there will be more in the near future as things come to their conclusions in the UK.  But I’m making plans again (Newport, California and Vermont at booked, with LA in the pipeline and trips to Texas/Utah ranches and into New England in the works) and making lists (thank you Romie) of things to do that I want to accomplish before I come home.  I’ve also (before any of you find out through other means and get annoyed with me) extended my time out here, through to November 2015 – I wanted to do it before ‘the boy’, but finally took the plunge after realising that, no matter how miserable I was, I was getting so much support both here and at home, that I can totally stand on my own two feet again.  Plus it gives me another year as a manager over here and more time to do all the travelling I have on my lists.  Which is, frankly, a very good thing.


Until tomorrow (or the weekend… come on, it’s busy season and you know what I’m like with the blog entries…!).