It was -19 Celsius tonight. At that temperature, wearing a giant duvet-like down-lined coat, hat lined with micro fleece and wool, scarf, gloves and snow boots doesn’t help much. You still feel like your fingers are going to drop off and shiver hard after about 20 seconds. My car looks revolting from all the yuck on the roads, but once I cleared the icicles off it tonight, it warmed up fast… And my car isn’t nearly the dirtiest car around (Dad, I know this will shock you…).

When is spring coming?


Well, we are having some weather tonight. My commute home from Burlington, which normally takes a max of an hour, took over two hours, crawling along on snowy slick roads. There was the excitement of seeing a post BMW stuck near the top of a hill, wheels spinning as the driver seemed to think acceleration was the way to go. There was the stupidity of the people braking hard just before the brow of another hill, leading everyone behind the, to swear and switch to a low gear.

And then there was the smugness associated with arriving at the base of my own hill, moments after the plow man had started going up. Easy parking – sorted.

Now to see whether tomorrow is a working from home day…

Work, Snow and Sleep

Two out of three of the above have been in good supply, with the third being harder to come by. Can you guess which? Today was my first day out on site as a proper job manager – it was rather exciting! Tomorrow I’m back in Burlington, but it’s going to be a busy week. Not least due to me trying to get ahead of the workload because this weekend I’m getting taken to a food and wine festival in Connecticut for my Christmas present. Can’t wait!

Back to reality

… With a bit of a bump. It was a post-9pm finish at the office after an epic day of… Well… A bit of everything really! I have my very first career advisee (I was requested, I’m so proud), and more work than I thought possible… But progress was made with this whole delegation malarkey (not just throwing work at people, you understand – I didn’t like it when people did it to me, so I plan to use the carrot more than the stick… At least to start with!) and it’s looking rather better than it was earlier.

I got back from Nashville yesterday (ergo my living space is a total tip and needs dealing with at the weekend) after a lot of training (fascinating), work (not quite so fascinating), and a little bit of going out (any evening culminating with a waiter from the Waffle House driving a group of you back to your hotel, just because it’s raining and there aren’t any cabs, has got to be one for the books) and sightseeing. I loved Nashville – there is music EVERYWHERE. Even the worst looking dive bars have two or three bands playing, and they are good!

Without further ado, I attach some photos of both Nashville and the posh hotel. Which was very posh indeed, as I’m sure you will agree….. Night all, and love to family, as always.















Greetings from Nashville…

… It is colder here than it was in Boston yesterday. It is not, however, colder than it was in Boston today, so that is something.

Hotel is posh. However due to working I have not yet seen much of it. But tomorrow is another day. And I am off to bed marginally before it officially is tomorrow on Central Time…

Snow and ice

As you may have seen on the news, we have been having some chilly weather over here. The term “Arctic Blast” has been being bandied about, and frankly it’s appropriate. There were a couple of days last week where none of us left our houses, it was just too cold to contemplate it. Today, however, was steamy. Literally. The snow was steaming in the muggy weather. Bizarre.

Tonight and tomorrow it is back to “normality”, with low temperatures and snow. I fly to Nashville for the National training tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some stories from there to share. Today was the first day in our new office (which is very plush,I must admit), and it started with a course on advanced income tax accounting… Just perfect for a Monday!

Sending lots of love to family – thinking of you all so very much.

Happy New Year

Personally, I can’t believe it’s 2014. This may be a sign of advancing years, but still. We all know I’ll be writing 2013 in dates for the next 11 months. Sigh.

I am writing this from my little room in JP, after flying back from the UK on the 30th. It was lovely to catch up with everyone (I know I missed some, but hope to Skype with them soon), and this was, for various reasons, the first time that I have dreaded leaving. Not for what was waiting back here, you understand, but for what I was having to leave behind. I’m sending a lot of prayers and love to family in the UK and abroad, and very much wishing I could be there to help in any way possible.

After a slightly weepy flight back (including impromptu fainting spell from yours truly – the oxygen level was a bit low on the flight, I was the third person to do it!) it was off to ring in the new year with a party at my boyfriend’s apartment. Lovely. Except that I have a cold… I apportion no blame for the origin of this cold (cough *sisters* cough – winning smile…) but it does seen to be passing quickly, so I’m not toooooooo grumpy about it. Although my boyfriend might be if I have passed it to him…