I am currently sitting in the kitchen waiting for a batch of banana and chocolate chip cake to cool so I can slice it up ready for tomorrow. Domestic goddess, oh yes. Presents are wrapped (except the last ones for the family I rent from – that’s a Friday job) and packing is in progress. I’ve even made headway in packing up my office ready for the move on Friday (sob, goodbye office door, but (per the seating chart) hello ocean view….), so it can’t be too bad.

We had a load of snow over the weekend, making getting to three parties even more impressive. If still a tad drunken… Great fun, though. And we had even more last night (total of 11inches so far this year, and most of it’s still hanging around…) which made going to see The Nutcracker at the Boston Opera House a bit more magic. And damp… And never mind the bloke in a giant flappy hat in the row in front…

Tomorrow it’s off to see the Pops do their Christmas concert at the Symphony Hall. It will be lovely not to go on my own this year, and I’m so looking forward to it!

Hooray for Christmas!

The weekend!

The weekend is here! After a training day (involving my debut as a facilitator and presenter, preceded by nightmares about having to get up on stage and sing a song to which I didn’t know any of the words…. Naturally), commuting to New Hampshire and a lot of laundry, I get to spend the weekend hanging out with my boyfriend, wrapping Christmas presents, going to parties and watching the snow come down (as long as it doesn’t upset the parties, this will work well…).

And this time next week I’ll be on a plane home for Christmas. Naturally there is a LOT of work to do between now and then (plus wrapping, packing, and trips to the Boston Pops (Christmas concert) and the Ballet (The Nutcracker)), but it’s all very exciting!


As promised, here are some photos from Vegas and from my most recent visitors. Note that I have not included anything even slightly controversial (those will turn up on Facebook at some point I’m sure…), but that doesn’t mean that those photos don’t exist…

















And then we have my UK visitors to Boston, which involved drinks at top of the hub, dinner at Joe’s on the waterfront, and a Pats game (which they won with about 20 seconds to spare – who knew American football was so stressful?);





Bad blogger…

…. The bad blogger is back from Vegas. In my defense, the signal wasn’t nearly as good as I hoped out there, and we were very busy… Photos (vetted somewhat) to follow…