Turning 30…

So tonight is officially my last night in my 20s. I’m lying in my old single bed in the room I have had since I was 2 in my parents house, waiting for midnight to tick around. That and the jet lag won’t quite release its hold…

My 20s have had ups and downs – from epic failure at physics to a 2.1 in sociology; trips to the USA, Canada, Prague, Paris, and Copenhagen (among others!); highs and lows of relationships (some lows distinctly lower than others); amazing friendships and some awfully big adventures, the biggest of which I’m experiencing right about now.

From the looks of it, my 30s are getting off to a very good start. All I can say is:

Goodbye 20s.

Hello 30s.

Bring it on.

Business class….

… Or lack thereof. There was no free upgrade this time, which is fine as I wasn’t really expecting one, but I am all checked in and ready to go. Here come my 30s… After this week, I think they are going to get off to a really good start!

Restaurant Week

Every week should be restaurant week in Boston. Myself, Jo and Kate (we work together) went to the Capital Grille, and had chowder, steak, accompaniments and creme brûlée for $40 each. Considering mine had 8oz of filet, and the others had 14oz of bone in sirloin, and that it was SPECTACULAR, I think that was a fabulous deal.

And the girls were very naughty and bought me a birthday present. It’s a speaker for playing music, but it’s shaped like a Chinese vase – it’s really lovely!

I don’t think I’m going to mind turning 30. I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty amazing year…

Oh, and I’ve nearly sorted out my hand luggage and the last bits of packing for the flight to the UK on Friday night. Considering I’m out again tomorrow, this is rather more essential than organizational…

Family fun

I spent the best part of tonight playing skateboard races with the boys, running teeny people on wheels down the sloping of the coffee table, which collapsed this morning after a great deal of provocation (I wasn’t about, it had nothing to do with me…). It was great fun.

Work is a touch frustrating at the moment. This client knows what they owe us. They know what they needed to provide, what they promised to provide at the very start of July. Yet still it isn’t ready. We are being drip fed information, and it is very irritating.

But I have my first call as a proper acting manager tomorrow (with the UK, with people from my Cambridge office so it will be lovely to talk to them), together with my very first Boston Restaurant Week experience with a group of girls from work. Plus the second half of this week is looking good too.

Oh, and I am virtually packed to come home. Go me!

Take me out to the ball game

Today was the day of the Red Sox / Yankees match – it was fantastic, and a real grudge match, particularly when one Mr A Rodriguez has been caught taking drugs and was getting heartily booed each time he came out to bat (he is a Yankee player, by the way).

Now I am very full of Chinese food and off to bed.

Why is it…

… When you either want to send some quick emails with photos in or switch off your computer that Gmail blocks your account (too much activity sending photos) or Windows decides to do a non-optional update session. Just let me go to bed, computer…

Sushi and sleepy

We headed back from NYC rather earlier than originally planned yesterday, leaving at 4.05 on the posh Acela Express. Which was rather good. I need to remember that not having a room to go back to for a chill-out session makes it hard to last a full day in any city.

Today was a bit slow for me (although Amanda did a lot of the freedom trail and made some lovely purchases from the Apple Store!), but lightened by the return of my land-family (they were away in Ireland for the past two and a bit weeks) and sushi at Douzo for dinner. I may need rolling to Boot Camp this Saturday, Anita!

Tomorrow it’s off back to my Seaport client. If they could give me a trial balance to audit (after two months of asking), I’d really appreciate it…

More New York…

I am too tired to post properly, but here are some photos and some advice:

1.) eat at STK
2.) Always get express passes for the Empire State Building. It is worth it if only for the looks on the faces of other people…; and
3.) For the love of everything holy, eat at STK. AMAZING.


The view from our posh upgraded room. Totally spoiled for accommodation options now…









We made some friends at the top of the Empire Stare Building!




Time for a quick drink at the View before back to the hotel to vegetate!