Lake Tahoe

Just a very quick post to point out that not only did I stay in a tent in the woods by Lake Tahoe last night, but I survived. I did not get eaten by a bear, nor did a ninja bear drop on my tent in the night (both valid concerns given the ranger at the campground told us there are a lot in the area). All in all very proud. Except that it is 6am and “nature” (I.e. birds, insects and the Sun) woke me up half an hour ago…

Very good tour group (Intrepid tours – highly recommended), and we have already seen a huge amount without even getting as far as Yosemite, which we get to today!

Oh, and I swam in Lake Tahoe yesterday. Blimey it was cold…

Packing (take two)

Packing is rubbish. I have, after realizing that my list was unworkable, at last managed to pack the rucksack, plus hand luggage. Now all I have to do is make it to the gate tomorrow, as I am fully checked in and ready. There will, obviously, be something I have forgotten, however as I am going simply to the other side of the country that I am already living in, there shouldn’t be anything which it is impossible to substitute. I hope.

Tomorrow night is the flight to San Francisco, and then first thing on Saturday I head off to Lake Tahoe and then Yosemite. I’ll be back in San Francisco on Monday night, then Boston bound on Wednesday night. Just so you know. It is very unlikely that there will be any entries before at least Monday, but once I have access again I hope to be able to upload some photos and details of the traumas of camping!

Keep everything crossed for good weather…!!


… Is making me a bit loopy. While I can’t wait to get out to San Francisco and Yosemite, it would be rather nice to have unpacked properly from the last trip first… But the rucksack is nearly packed, so it is all getting there!

After the fun and games on Monday, work has been a bit of a struggle for all of us this week. Being out at a client site this morning helped, but we all got a bit sun-addled. Not hungover, oh no. Not that at all. No, really…

Anyway, just a quick update. I have new shoes and a new daypack for this trip, and probably need to stop buying things for it right about now so I can actually carry it all!

And yes I know I haven’t provided pictures yet. Patience.

Air conditioning…

… Cannot be overrated, in my humble opinion. After a day on Thompson Island in 90+ degree heat, I have never been so glad to get back to central air at home.

Great day out with the work crew, though. Pictures to follow…

Llamas and (zip) lines

AMAZING weekend!  Yesterday was brilliant with zip-lining (preceeded by a significant amount of lazing about in the heat reading, which was BRILLIANT) and today was one of the most surreal of my life with the llama trekking…


First off, the B&B (Warfield House) was gorgeous (one of those places which, while it could do with a fresh coat of paint, it was very very comfortable and in such an amazing setting that you really didn’t mind either way!):


P1020312 P1020237 P1020259


Zip lining was fun as shown below:




And the llama trek  (with picnic lunch) was great (until the lighter coloured one decided that I needed a mud bath… I had a nice route across a muddy bit all planned out and then was pushed into the mud that came up past my ankles as the llama decided it was its turn to go on the dry bit… shortly followed by an unplanned dust roll.  Lucky we were only leading them, rather than trying to ride them!):


P1020338 P1020350 P1020357 P1020364 P1020315 P1020320 P1020324 P1020330 P1020333 P1020337


Then it was a very sad goodbye to Sazzle and Chris (who are off to Killington while I am off back to work) before the 2.5 hour drive back to Boston.  It went pretty quickly, partly due to my tendancy to drive slightly faster than is permitted, and partly due to the unmarked State Troopers who were playing hard to spot… I didn’t get caught, but there were a couple of close calls!  Moral of the story, don’t drive fast kids (or if you do, keep a sharp eye!).


Once I got back to JP I did about half a ton of washing (it was getting to the point where I either needed to buy some more socks or do some washing – never good) and did a practise run of packing up my rucksack for next weekend (it’s the San Francisco / Yosemite trip – keeep up!).  It’s going to be interesting as to how much I can physically pack, but I’m sure it’ll be ok.  After that, my landlady and the family invited me to meet them at Bella Luna (a restaurant right next to my gym) for dinner after Liam (the elder boy, who is 9) had finished a recital at school.  Luckily, him being done with the ‘torture’ (his word, not mine) of the recital process, the two kids were both in a good mood, and after a grilled avocado with quinoa and asparagus (go me being healthy) we went to JP Lick’s for ice cream (oops – that ruined it).  Lovely.


Anyway, we have our work Summer Party tomorrow, on one of the harbour islands – the whole island is booked out to just us, and we have a private ferry going over there, and a BBQ and free bar.  I think the inference is that, as it’s a Monday, the free bar won’t get too much use…  I think they’ll be lucky if that is the case!


I am not built for running. And I am going to hurt tomorrow. However, I ran well over half of the 5k tonight, and now have a target to beat next time. Once I have stopped sweating… From an aesthetic perspective it was pretty magic running by the Public Garden and along Commonwealth Avenue (or Comm Ave, as it’s known) as far as Kenmore and Fenway, before heading back to finish by Beacon Hill. From my perspective, it was pretty magic that I could run as far as I did…

I may have been slow, I may not have run all the way, but I kept pace with work people up to halfway through. Work people of whom one has run a marathon or two… So frankly I’m taking that triumph thank you very much!

Now to pack for Charlemont and zip lining / llama trekking with Sazzle and Chris over the weekend. I am being terribly outdoorsy at the moment – I wonder how long it will last…

Hand/eye coordination…

I played softball for the first time this evening with some friends from work. It was great fun, but as it turns out I’m not much good… They were all lovely and encouraging, though, so it was a really fun evening!

I am in possession of yet another Chevy Malibu rental car – my little Fiesta is finally getting the damage sorted from when the giant Chevy attacked it in a car park. Fingers crossed the fixing process doesn’t take too long, but it is nice to be in a big car with all mod cons (it even has electric windows – I am in danger of getting spoiled!).

Anyway, I have a charity 5k run tomorrow ( again with people from work – it’s gone rather mad this week…) and the Bruins (ice hockey) have just gone into extra time on the tv in the Stanley Cup. Although they only appear to be able to score when I am neither watching nor listening, so for the good of the Boston spirit (a LOT of city pride is resting on this) I had best switch off and go to bed.


The past few evenings have, I have to admit, involved a fair old bit of wine. No bad thing, but I am not sure I am cut out for it on school nights. Still, it’s all good fun and terribly social, so there are no complaints from me!

Tonight it was out to celebrate with Eleanor at Trade – a rather nice bar where we had prosecco and flatbreads. Yesterday it was Legals with Sazzle and Chris, with some wine, lots of food (there may have been a fisherman’s platter involved on my part… More food that a small town would need!) and great company.

So all in all a great week so far. Although my work-related clothes shopping failed epically when I was distracted by a rather lovely maxi dress… Oops! Anyway, tomorrow I have been roped into playing softball with work people, and then on Thursday some of us are running in a charity 5km. For fun. I had good intentions of training for this one but, besides my efforts with running with Anita last month, it has all gone a bit to pot… We shall see if I manage it!

Things I have learned

… In the past few days:

1.) I cannot handle a medium Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee after 4pm – the caffeine wide-awakeness lasts at least 12 hours and watching NetFlix at 4am isn’t all that fun…

2.) Trial and error leads to formulating a touristy route that does not lead to sore feet, instead including the Public Garden, Beacon Hill, the Esplanade, and leading to drinks with views and jazz, and cheesecake.

3.) I am apparently ok at my job and may be moving up in the world… More on that as things are approved…

4.) Saturday arrivals stand a much higher chance of being greeted at the airport with a sign than weekday arrivals. I have more time to do last minute crafty things on Saturdays.

5.) I have finally worked out exactly how to traverse Logan airport to find the car parks that I require, as well as the right exit to go the quick or scenic routes home.

6.) When the Bruins (ice hockey) get through to the final of the Stanley Cup (ice hockey competition) it is a BIG DEAL in Boston. Remember when Vancouver got trashed from rioters? That was post Stanley Cup final – Vancouver vs Boston. Boston won, it was the locals who got messy (from what I am told…). Crazy Canadians…

Anyway, I have some lovely visitors and had a lovely weekend. Photos and Vermont stories still pending, but this week I promise!