20 Tables

… Well, I’ve now been twice in a week, so I guess that’s the appropriate number of tables!  Mum and Dad are fans, which makes me smile – it’s been lovely so far introducing them to all of my favourite places!


Anyway, I know, I’m a bad blogger.  It’s been a bit mad this week with trying to get through all the work AND meet parents for dinner each night (lovely, but MAD), and pack and try to relax a bit in time to drive up to Vermont on Saturday morning (after breakfast at Robinwood with pancakes bigger than my face…).  But I wouldn’t change it (other than putting them somewhere with a lot more space and actual helpful people on site… the place they are in isn’t the best, but it’s in just the right place for a reasonable price – not the easiest to find in this city!) as it’s SO LOVELY to have them here!


I was also avoiding posting due to being grumpy last night – I had toothache, and naturally my hypochondriach (spelling is not my strong point, feel free to correct it…) tendencies kicked in and by 1am I had decided I was obviously going to lose all my teeth due to some kind of previously unseen and unexpected tooth illness.  Actually, I had some dinner stuck between two molars.  So that’s ok.  Apparently a holiday might be just what I need, though…


As we are going to the wilds of Vermont, I am not sure how much internet there will be – ergo I may appear to be an extra-specially-bad blogger by not posting, but I will do my best to post and to add some photos of, hopefully, some lovely scenery and activities.  I am currently downloading episodes of Castle (totally legally from the iTunes season-pass, I might add) and renting a couple of movies for us to watch on my laptop in the event that it rains for the duration…  apparently it’s unlikely, but considering the weather we have had (it rained on Saturday/Sunday and was very cold, and it’s currently building up to the 90s each day with bright sunshine and high humidity and storms – mad) it pays to be prepared!


Anyway.  It’s bed time.  One day until my holiday!!


After a day yesterday which consisted, essentially, of eating (brunch at Abe and Louie’s with Benedicts for Dad and me, and a salad for Mum, followed by dinner at Legals later), today I showed Mum and Dad some of the sights of JP. It was a glorious day, and we took in Jamaica Pond, Center Street, JP Lick’s and the Arnold Arboretum. Amazing, and photos will follow…

Then it was back to mine for my landlord and land lady’s annual lobster party with them and a couple of their friends, plus me, mum and dad. I have NEVER eaten so much lobster in my life – it was gorgeous! I had made a banana pudding too (see? I’m getting in with the American recipes!!) which was a resounding success, so that will be making an appearance when I’m UK bound in August.

After all that excitement, work tomorrow is going to be a bit of a shock… Still, only a 4 day week, and then I’m off to Vermont for a week! Hooray!


Today was a lovely day. Not in terms of weather (it drizzled all day), but still a lovely day. After deciding to leave the exploration of JP for Monday, when the sun is due to come out, I took Mum and Dad on the T to Downtown Crossing to show them where I work. Luckily, the security guard was a friendly one, and actually let them come in and see the office area. They were nicely impressed!

From there, it was time for a coffee (plus some lemon pound cake) via Post Office Square, and then down to the harbourfront area to explore some more. For lunch, I introduced seafood Mac ‘n cheese (of course) and Dad got some scallops and fries, and a Boston cream pie to share – it was a lovely selection!

From there we wandered over to Copley Plaza via the Common, Public Garden, Comm. Ave and Newbury Street, and got the bus back to JP. After a bit of a rest, Mum and Dad finally got to see my place and meet my landlord and landlady over a Chinese takeaway. Fantastic!

And now I am taking my full, tired and slightly sozzled self off to bed.

The eagles have landed

So after driving my workmates totally mad all day by providing half-hourly updates as to where the 3.15 Virgin Atlantic flight from LHR to BOS had got to, and fighting my way through the holiday weekend traffic (in the driving rain, I might add – very glad I didn’t wash the car!) my parents are safely ensconced in Jamaica Plain. Just around the corner.

My goodness it is good to see them… We had some dinner in their studio home for the week (pizza, garlic bread and chicken tenders from Ideal Pizza round the corner – looks like hell, tastes like a dream, and I get greeted with cries of “English!” and “How are Leeds United doing?” despite only having been in about three times in eight months… Janey and Patrick, I’d say I have to take you there, but it would be another place to eat!!) and has a lovely chat. Considering how jet lagged they must be, it was a surprisingly long chat, so it may well have been, in the majority, just me chattering…

Anyway, I am off to bed. It’s due to rain for most of the long weekend (some things are the same the world over) but we can explore JP and possibly go to a museum if I get into gear and get passes with my library card. Being a local has its benefits!

Busy busy busy

Why is it that when things are about to get awesome outside work, work gets that much crazier… It’s like there is some kind of inherent relationship between the two… However, after a manic day today, I have a list to compete tomorrow after which I can switch off the laptop for three whole days. Phew.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. I have visitors arriving tomorrow, don’t you know. Can’t wait!!!

Ten Tables

… Is one of the best restaurants I think I have ever been to. Amazing food (charcuterie plate to start, then steak with potatoes, then chocolate terrine with basil and sea salt ice cream) – can’t wait to go back!

There was some wine in there too, which, for a weeknight, was quite heavy going! Totally allowed due to a stressed manager (who has about seven other jobs on the go, ergo it is not just my job making her stressed – ours is going ok other than revenue, which is taking longer to come back from the client than expected…) and general high-strung-ness due to upcoming visitors. I am very excited about visitors, don’t get me wrong, but I have a strong urge to make everything as perfect as possible for them. Ergo high strung ness…

Anyhew, the sozzled auditor is off to bed!

Dancing with the Stars

I’m sitting in bed watching the final of Dancing with the Stars. It’s no Strictly, but it is rather good, and has the bonus of me not wanting to shout at the presenters throughout.

Anyhew, another long day at work, but it’s worth it as long as I can get out early on Friday. We close at 3.30pm for the Memorial Day weekend. Then it’s off to the airport to pick up my visitors, followed by a lot of chatting and pottering over the long weekend (supplemented with boot camp on Saturday morning – A are you going? I’ve missed a good few weeks now so it may well be quite hysterically painful to watch…).

Can’t wait!!

4 days to go…

… Until some VIP visitors and a long weekend. How lovely!

Now if only I can keep things tidy here after my epic cleaning session yesterday until they arrive…

The road outside my house is being dug up. Not now, you understand, it’s 9.42pm. But in the daytime. Meaning that, if I park by the house, I need to be up and away by 7am on all weekdays. Which is, actually, quite good as I’m trying to clear down a lot of work before the weekend. Little things…

Saturday sunshine

After a bit of a lie in this morning I took myself to see the new Star Trek film in IMAX 3D at the Boston Common cinema – not as good as the first one, but rather fabulous. There were more “in” jokes but I liked it. AND I got some rather lovely new flip flops from DSW. So that is good.

Tomorrow it is operation tidy for parental visitors in under a week. Sadly, after a big travel week, there is rather a lot to do…

Happy Days

Despite the working papers from Hell (interest accretion on seven loans relating to preferential share issues, all with different timings and rates, plus a revenue recognition paper spanning six spreadsheets. Six) and a commute home that took three times as long as it should, today was a rather lovely day.

For many reasons, including getting booked to go and see Michael Buble in September with some Boston girls, my parents being single figure days away from visiting and a lovely Skype chat with the future Mrs Smith! Fabulousness!

And now to bed.